Video Tutorial #76 Bosu Ball Lateral Step


Bosu Ball Lateral Step

Bosu Ball Lateral Step


As discussed in ‘Video Tutorial #148 Bosu Ball Foot training’,  was how to do one variation of a bosu ball exercise.

In this video tutorial we will show you the ‘Bosu Ball Lateral Step’.

Step with your left foot and cross over in front of you onto the bosu ball making sure you are landing forefoot or midfoot.

Step onto the ball with your right foot then once again cross over with your left foot but this time behind and have it land on the floor next to the bosu ball.

Still making sure your foot lands midfoot or midfoot.

Repeat the steps with the other foot.

Use your arms to improve agility, coordination speed and balance.

This exercise strengthens the spring suspension system muscles

It is best to do this exercise barefoot



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