Video Tutorial #4 The Impact Resistance Mechanism (Human Spring)

Video Tutorial #4 The Human Spring Approach-Bridging The Gap Between What Athletes Need And What Doctors Can Deliver 
By: Dr James Stoxen DC
Presented At: The 2nd Annual Bangkok Congress On Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand, September 4, 2010

Let’s say you have 30 women in an aerobics class and 15 of them break down with plantar fascitis, knee pain, hip or back pain. They quit and go to the doctor.

The doctor commonly says jumping classes are bad for you. He/She might recommend  that you should discontinue and do the elliptical or swim.  If you said to a boxer or Olympic athlete that jumping rope is bad for you which involves impacts they will look at you like you’re crazy.

Why are the other 15 ladies are doing aerobics class for the next 20 years and having the benefits of this aerobics activities.

Plyometrics, is that bad for you?

Plymetrics, Speed Bound Jump

It’s the number one method of training elite athletes consisting of jump training like hopping and skipping to develop the human spring mechanism, which is vital to the performance of high-level sports.

We debated that for a decade or two.

Now it’s used in every college and university in every high school in the world to develop top-level performance in athletics.

The moral of the story is:

  1. Impacts aren’t good for people who’s bodies aren’t conditioned to resist impacts.
  2. For those who are conditioned to take impacts, impacts are good for us as we get stronger with positive adaptation.


One key thing we need to learn is how to treat, train and maintain our patients ability to resist impacts.  That is because with an average of 10,000 impacts or steps per day we add up 3,650,000 impacts per year which is 100 million by your thirties and 250 million before you die.   If you cannot resist impacts it makes running and especially barefoot running virtually impossible without pain.

I have focused on studying how our bodies resist impacts my entire life.  I am interested in sharing what I have learned over the years of study.  Please read on….



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