Video Tutorial #179, 45 Degree Zig-Zag Hop, Jump Or Run

    There are various variations of the 45 Degree Zig-Zag Hop. The video above shows the 45 degree zig-zag cone touch hop   Warm up and stretch beforehand. Challenge the kids to time trials (don't be surprised if they beat you - they already have fully intact, supercharged springs). excerpt from the book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’, page 169 Zig-Zag Run Between cones or markers spread about three feet apart, run in a zig-zag pattern, always leaning in … [Read more...]

What’s Your “Excuse” For Not Exercising This Time?

What’s Your “Excuse for Not Exercising” This Time? By  Dr James Stoxen DC Original Article: I hated every minute of the training, but I said, "Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."  -- Muhammad Ali   We all know that you need to make every boxing-training session and do some cross training a few times a week to stay on top. But it’s a challenge. It can even be disheartening when we … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #68 The Exercise Your Doing Could Be Aging You Faster!

  Is it true that exercise could accelerate the aging process? Of course! Exercise is ONLY healthy if your body is moving the way it was engineered to move. Would you take your car for a 10 hour trip if your front end was out of alignment?’ NO! Would you lift weights knowing that your form and technique could lead to stress and strain of your joints causing arthritis over time? No! So by telling your patients that you should exercise as a form of anti-aging … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #170 Running In Circles Will Get You Somewhere

Dr James Stoxen DC shares and demonstrates Video Tutorial #170 Running In Circles Will Get You Stronger In The Barefoot Running Arena Coco Cay, Bahamas November 9, 2011 'Circle runs' can increase the strength of your Spring Suspension System muscles. Watch below another demonstration of 'Circle Runs' in slow motion to see the form and technique involved. The Spring Suspension System muscles move in other directions additionally to forward, backward, plantar flexion and dorsi … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #172 Sticks And Stones Won’t Break My Barefoot Running Bones

Dr James Stoxen DC shares and demonstrates Video Tutorial #172 Sticks And Stones Won't Break My Barefoot Running Bones Coco Cay, Bahamas November 9, 2011   What if you step on something? I get that asked a lot! I do step on things. Little rocks, sticks, seeds and stuff. When my foot feels the tiny thing (I run around bigger things) my skin is so aware of "things" that my reflexes pull me right off it before I feel anything that would take me off stride. I step on … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #173 Can You Run Barefoot On Rock, Concrete or Asphalt?

Dr James Stoxen DC shares and demonstrates Video Tutorial #173 Can You Run Barefoot On Rocks? Coco Cay, Bahamas November 9, 2011 A big concern when running barefoot on hard surfaces is the high amount of impact or force on the body. The body's human spring is a natural protective mechanism that allows you run on hard surfaces. Joint damage from running on hard surfaces is a result of the person's protective mechanism being broken down, or locked. The first step is to release the … [Read more...]

Latin Showdown: “El Gallo Bravo” Ready for Return to the Ring

  Latin Showdown: "El Gallo Bravo" Ready for Return to the Ring Original Article: Further details of LATIN SHOWDOWN, Chicagoland's biggest professional boxing card of 2004 have been announced as Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite returns to Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, October 15th. This marks the second straight month that Telefutura's internationally broadcast Friday … [Read more...]

My Experience with Andrei Arlovski former UFC Heavyweight Champion – The Pinnacle of Athletic Performance

  Who’s the most popular celebrity I’ve worked with? I get that question a lot. We could debate that for hours, but if you want to talk about the most extraordinary athletes who are celebrities I’ve encountered? Andrei Arlovski would be up there with the best of them. Both in training and competition, the former world Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Champion makes demands on his body that few of us could imagine, let alone endure. For six days a week and between six and … [Read more...]

Should I Do Other Cardio Between Running Days? Barefoot Running Society Forum Question

Question: Let's say I'm running/walking 3 days a week, such as the C25K or E25K program I'm currently working on.  Should I engage in other cardio activities such as cycling or elliptical during the running "off" days in between?  Or would it be better to have the off days be TRUE rest days with no cardio activities? Despite hating stationary indoor workouts, I was leaning more towards the elliptical if I do anything, since that's probably lower impact than even cycling for me.  We have plenty … [Read more...]

Wiggling His Way to Wellness, To Your Health Magazine, December, 2011

    Wiggling His Way to Wellness To Your Health Magazine By Brenda Duran December, 2011 (Vol. 05, Issue 12)  To read the article go to: Anthony Field is one of the founding members of "The Wiggles," whose popular children's television show has spawned CDs, DVDs and even live concerts. Entertaining and teaching children is Field's passion, but the rigors of the job were taking a toll on his health. That's why Field … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Interviews His Father, Dr Paul Stoxen DC, On Thanksgiving Day 2011

      … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #78 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Self-Help, Deep Tissue Treatment Of The Knee Popliteus Muscle

  Are your knees swollen or do you haven chronic knee pain ? Do you have patella groove pain or infra patellar pain? What I have found in treating patients with pain in the knee is that the knee inflammation and  intense knee pain could be caused by a locking of the Human Spring. In the video below I will demonstrate and explain how to release the knee Popliteus Muscle.   Today i'm going to share with you how to release the popliteus muscle or the knee. The muscle … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #4 The Impact Resistance Mechanism (Human Spring)

Video Tutorial #4 The Human Spring Approach-Bridging The Gap Between What Athletes Need And What Doctors Can Deliver  By: Dr James Stoxen DC Presented At: The 2nd Annual Bangkok Congress On Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand, September 4, 2010 Let's say you have 30 women in an aerobics class and 15 of them break down with plantar fascitis, knee pain, hip or back pain. They quit and go to the doctor. The doctor commonly says jumping classes are bad for you. He/She … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #2 – An Introduction To The Human Spring Approach

Video Tutorial #2 An Introduction To The Human Spring Approach By: Dr James Stoxen DC Presented At: The Second World Anti-Aging Medical Conference February 4-6  2011 Mexico City, Mexico So many doctors and scientists say that running is bad for our knees. This is interesting in that I have studied biomechanics for 30 years and this year, at age 48, I chose to run over 300 miles on solid concrete barefoot, and I improved my health. In my model, every movement that you make is aided … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Unplugged: Speaks Candidly about Training Miguel Hernandez for Luciano Perez!

Dr. Stoxen Unplugged: Speaks Candidly about Training Miguel Hernandez for Luciano Perez! By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO – Doctor James Stoxen, DC is a chiropractor that enjoys notoriety working with athletes and show business people. He owns a clinic called Team Doctors on the Southwest side of Chicago and, as an expert on the foot, he’s given lectures around the world to medical doctors on his techniques for … [Read more...]

BEIJING NEWS: 最佳走姿:“环”着走,像螃蟹横着走 Beijing News Interviews Dr James Stoxen DC – Incorrect Walking Form May Cause Back Weakness And Pain (Chinese Version)

最佳走姿:“环”着走,像螃蟹横着走 · 2008-11-11 3:54:20 … [Read more...]

The Race To Repair Injuries UFC Andrei Arlovski Endured On The Rough Road To Win The UFC Heavyweight Champion Title

Who's Got Arlovski's Back? Repost from - The MMA Digest click here to read Original Article: Ever wonder who some of the people on the long list of fighters thank-yous after their fights are? Some of the trainers you will know but there are many other people that help out in getting fighters in tip top shape for their fights that you never really get a glimpse of. After Andrei Arlovski finished off Justin Eilers at UFC 53 you heard him thank all his trainers and supporters, but also Dr. … [Read more...]

Warrior Diaz Refuses to Fold, Goes Out on His Shield in 9!

  Warrior Diaz Refuses to Fold, Goes Out on His Shield in 9! Pacquiao wins fourth weight class title by Knockout in his best performance yet By Juan C. Ayllon at ringside Lead photo by Tom Barnes LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Blood streamed down the right side of his face from a one inch cut over his eye. Right hooks, straight lefts and uppercuts slammed into his head over and over. Still, he kept moving forward. As early as the fifth round, some people in the press corps were calling … [Read more...]

Dr. Stoxen Unplugged: Preparing David Diaz to Beat Manny Pacquiao

Dr. Stoxen Unplugged: Preparing David Diaz to Beat Manny Pacquiao By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO—With the media hoopla surrounding his upcoming defense against three division champion Manny Pacquiao this Saturday, World Boxing Council Lightweight Champion David Diaz has a secret that may have been overlooked, but may give him that extra pop to get the job done: It’s the nutritional, strength, balance and conditioning … [Read more...]

Why David Diaz Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao

  Why David Diaz Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao Original Article: On June 28th Hispanics and boxing fans worldwide will be cheering on Chicago’s David Diaz to beat Manny Pacquiao, “The Mexicutioner.” in Las Vegas for the WBC Lightweight crown. Over one million viewers will watch the fight on HBO Pay-Per-View. Manny Pacquaio, the WBC super featherweight champion is the most cherished athlete in Philippine history (the … [Read more...]


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