Video Tutorial #28 Self-Tests & Exercises To Reduce Over Pronation and Over Supination From Impacts During Walking and Running

  Exercise has long shown to improve health but not all exercise is healthy. Some doctors think just exercise alone without regard to what the exercise does is good enough. Wrong! Exercise such as running and even simple walking with over pronation or over supination can actually do you more harm than good. Also, exercise of any kind with a locked spring puts you at risk for injury and theoretically causes stress, strain, wear, tear and inflammation of the area of … [Read more...]

Wiggles, Anthony Field Announces Book, “How I Got My Wiggle Back” and Endorses Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

  Anthony Field of The Wiggles shares how he experienced depression, life-threatening illness and chronic pain.  He tells his inspiring, behind-the-scenes story of how he overcame to get his life back. He sought out Chiropractic which became the care responsible for his full recovery and new positive perspective on life.  Being forever grateful, he has decided to capture his story in his new book, "How I Got My Wiggle Back". Anthony Field of The Wiggles – Shows his Support of … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Dr James Stoxen DC, Human Spring and Barefoot Running, on “Second Opinion with Dr Ron Klatz”

Interview of Dr. James Stoxen Dc by Dr. Ron Klatz on Second Opinion, November 21, 2010 The Spring in Your Step: The Role of Foot Biomechanics in Overall Health  With show host Dr. Klatz, guest Dr. Stoxen explains the physics and engineering of foot biomechanics. Dr. Stoxen presents the concept of “The Human Spring,” and discusses its specific implications in overall health. Find out how shoes can cause damage to the foot and why “barefoot is … [Read more...]

ABC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT – Ties To Pain, Features Dr James Stoxen DC By Sylvia Perez

ABC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT - Ties To Pain features Dr James Stoxen DC By Silvia Perez February 23, 2005 We've all heard of the damaging affects of backpacks and our children's health. But how often do parents worry about their children's feet? One Chicago health professional says it's time they started. He calls it pronation syndrome. A Chicago chiropractor says more children are dealing with back pain today because of this problem. The culprit: shoes that are trendy and in … [Read more...]


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