Video Tutorial # 108 Cable Hip Adduction And Foot Inversion

Cable hip adduction and foot inversion (finish)

        Instructions: taken from page 162 from How I Got My Wiggle Back While standing, attach a Velcro cuff to your foot.  Start in full eversion and invert your foot fully.  Your leg crosses over and back to the end range of motion. the cable runs across the body.  Do not move your shin bone. The lower leg must not not move at all. (no cheating!) By holding it still, the muscles in the foot are isolated. Spring Action: This exercise … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #109 A Great Hip Adduction Exercise Demonstrated by WBC Pro Boxing Champion Miguel Macho Hernandez at Team Doctors

Hip Adduction Exercise

    excerpt taken from, 'How I Got My Wiggle Back', page 162 Hip Adduction (Cam Resistance) On the four-way hip machine, raise the bar and the cam so it's high enough to offer resistance. Position the cam at the hip socket. Straddle it - start abducting and adducting within a range of 30 degrees. Keep all toes pointing straight ahead. This works the adductor muscles of the hip joint. Again, don't stop between repetitions. Hold on to the rail if you … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #109 A Great Hip Abduction Exercise Demonstrated by WBC Pro Boxing Champion Miguel Macho Hernandez at Team Doctors

Hip Abduction

  excerpt taken from, 'How I Got My Wiggle Back', page 162 Hip Abduction (cam resistance) Stand in the center of a four-way hip machine with your legs close together. Put the resistance roll (the cam) on the outside of the thigh. Make sure it is at the hip height. Keep your body still. Abduct (push out against the cam) your leg to about 30 degrees. You must keep your foot pointing straight ahead (if you turn the foot, you're training a different muscle). Don't stop … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #79 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Self-Help, Deep Tissue Treatment Of The Gluteus Medius Muscle of the Hip

Gluteus Medius Muscles

One of the most common injuries or cause of injuries in runners that I see is Gluteus Medius weakness, resulting in the gluteus medius muscle becoming strained, tightened and/or leading to a specific Gluteus Medius injury or compensatory injuries down the kinetic chain such as knee joint pain,  foot pain and ankle pain. Releasing and Strengthening this important stabilizer will help decrease running or walking overuse injuries. Releasing and Strengthening the Human Spring is one of the more … [Read more...]

Hoy Chicago Newspaper Feature Article: “Does Your Back Hurt? Look At Your Feet”(English Version)


Hoy Chicago Wednesday, June 25th 2008 "Does Your Back Hurt? Look At Your Feet" By Elio Leturia  Dr. James Stoxen DC, David Diaz’s chiropractor, reconstructs the patients feet who have different aches. “Your right leg hurts and your right knee cracks”, I was told by Dr. James Stoxen DC, chiropractor, born in Chicago. “Is this doctor a wizard?” I ask myself in silence. I am with him to interview him, not to consult with him medically”. Where did he get that from?” I ask him, surprised … [Read more...]


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