Video Tutorial #156 – “Some People Say Don’t Run Barefoot! It’s Not Safe Or Healthy For You!”

Your friend and maybe even your doctor might have said to you... "Don't Run Barefoot! It's Not Safe Or Healthy For You!" Is this good advice for everyone? Read this and decide for yourself what is right for you...   Don't Run Barefoot! It's Not Safe Or Healthy for People! It bothers me when I hear people are afraid to strive for a more barefoot lifestyle. Have they read the latest research conducted by Harvard University published in Nature in 2010? Why does this … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #88 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Stretching Of The Foot While Sitting At Your Chair

Part of releasing your Human Spring involves stretching. Stretching is very important. If we stretch our body we will be able to absorb more energy into the spring. Sitting for a long period of time could result in muscle atrophy (When a muscle atrophies, this leads to muscle weakness, since the ability to exert force is related to mass) One thing you can do while sitting in a chair is to stretch your foot. What you do is take your shoe off and put your foot back behind you on … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #84 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Scissor Stretching Of The Feet

  The Human Spring is a concept I developed based on the fact that the body is like a spring mechanism. When you Impact with the ground our body mass comes down with a certain amount of acceleration which creates a force on the body that actually deforms the shape and stores energy during this deformation process. When you push off of the ground it releases that deformity and returns back to it's original shape. Stretching the foot can help to increase the depth of the loading … [Read more...]


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