Video Tutorial # 162 How does the Human Spring Work to Absorb Impacts Without Cushion Footwear? My Research

  These photos come from slow motion videos I did of a barefoot runner. The arch is like a spring; it has 26 bones in the foot, 33 joints and even a spring ligament. Arch “Leaf Spring” Bend Creates Energy When your body weight comes down it sits primarily on the first and second toe; the remaining three toes, number three through five work as guides. When the weight hit’s the arch, the arch bends as it descends a couple millimeters to a couple centimeters in the middle, … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #9 The Human Spring Approach In It’s Relationship To Hooke’s Law Of Physics

  We can apply some of the laws of engineering and physics such as Hooke's Law Of Physics which states: The deeper that the spring is depressed the more energy it recycles back to the run, jog, walk or spring. Hooke's Law of spring engineering states that we can push the human spring to its limits to maximize its potential energy as long as we don’t exceed the elastic limit of the spring or the yield point. Hooke's law of elasticity is an approximation that states that … [Read more...]


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