Two unnecessary TOS surgeries left my son in severe pain for 7 yrs. One week later hes pain free! … [Read more...]

This Concert Pianist got Relief from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Forearm Compartment Syndrome … [Read more...]

SEVERE Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & fibromyalgia 37 yrs relieved in 7 days – no TOS surgery no drugs … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Has Been Invited To Author A Chapter In The A4M’s Physician’s / Practitioner’s Guide To Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, 2nd Edition

March 8, 2012 In recognition of Dr. Stoxen's position as a recognized and respected scientific expert in the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Dr. James Stoxen DC has been invited to author on How To Assess and Treat Aging-Related Locomotor/Gait Changes (of the lower extremities), which will appear as part of the chapter covering Musculoskeletal Diseases and Impairments, published in the A4M's Physician's / Practitioner's Guide to Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, 2nd … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC, Lectures At The 2012 Shanghai World Congress On Anti-Aging Medicine And Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo (A4MC) October 18-20

    Dr James Stoxen DC lectures at:  The 2012 Shanghai World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo (A4MC)  October 18-20,2012 Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center No. 1099, Guozhan Rd., Shanghai, China, 200126  Dr Stoxen's two lectures are:  'The New Aggressive Approaches To Disconnecting The Inflammation-Depression Connection', to view the abstract, click here 'Walk and Run For Life! Through … [Read more...]

Green Day’s, American Idiot Musical Feb. 7 – Feb. 19, 2012

    Green Day's, American Idiot Musical Feb 7-Feb 19 2012 Oriental Theatre Chicago IL The entertainers that Dr Stoxen has worked with can be found here  … [Read more...]

New Book Gives Chiropractic Wiggle Room, Canadian Chiropractor Magazine

  New Book Gives Chiropractic Wiggle Room Canadian Chiropractor Magazine January 23, 2012 Hoboken NJ Jan. 23, 2012 Hoboken, NJ – How I Got My Wiggle Back – A Memoir of Healing is the personal story of Anthony Field, founder and costar of the world's most popular children's musical group, The Wiggles, and how chiropractic saved his career and, he says, his life. The book is written by Field and journalist (and Field’s cousin) Greg Truman and its dedication reads, “This book is … [Read more...]

The Foundation For Chiropractic Progress Officially Announces Anthony Field (Wiggles) As A Spokesperson For 2012 At The Parker Seminar Las Vegas

  The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Officially announces Anthony Field (Wiggles) as a Spokesperson for 2012 at the Parker Seminar  Las Vegas. The event started off with a very classy fashion show produced by Dillards Department Stores featuring Foundation board members modeling Dillards clothing.  All purchases of Dillards clothing that weekend yielded a 10% donation to the foundation. Board members modeling in this show featured Carol Ann Malizia, DC, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Interviews His Father, Dr Paul Stoxen DC, On Thanksgiving Day 2011

      … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC interviews Professional Boxer Adrian Granados about his fight with Frankie Gomez on August 26th 2011

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews Pro Boxer Adrian Granados August 26th, 2011, at Team Doctors Treatment and  Training Center, Chicago IL Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews Adrian Granados about how he trains in preparation for his fight with Frankie Gomez on August 26th, 2011. He talks about barefoot running, weight training and special exercises for boxers. Adrian demonstrates some Rotary Torso exercises. They discuss how important it is for a professional athlete,  to train faithfully and not to … [Read more...]

Look Great At Any Age, Australian Men’s Health, November, 2010

  LOOK GREAT AT ANY AGE By John Brandt and Daniel Williams Australian Men’s Fitness November 2010 The way you age is determined by more than just your DNA The latest research reveals that exercise can help delay and even reverse aging, debilitating effects on your muscles, heart and brain. The only side affect? You’ll also look your best.  Anthony Field, 47, Founding member of The Wiggles, Crazy successful children’s band may sing about yummy, yummy fruit salad, but for … [Read more...]

Interview of Anthony Field by Dr Johnny Petrozzi on “Living is Easy” May 2010

Interview of Anthony Field By Dr Johnny Petrozzi on "Living is Easy", May 2010 Listen to the Podcast below [podcast][/podcast] Interview Transcript JOHN PETROZZI: Hi and welcome to Living is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. JOHN PETROZZI: Today, we’re blessed to be talking with child entertainer from the world-renowned group, The Wiggles. Our friend, Anthony Field, has joined us on the telephone today to give us some insight into the life … [Read more...]

Hoy Chicago Newspaper Feature Article: “Does Your Back Hurt? Look At Your Feet”(English Version)

Hoy Chicago Wednesday, June 25th 2008 "Does Your Back Hurt? Look At Your Feet" By Elio Leturia  Dr. James Stoxen DC, David Diaz’s chiropractor, reconstructs the patients feet who have different aches. “Your right leg hurts and your right knee cracks”, I was told by Dr. James Stoxen DC, chiropractor, born in Chicago. “Is this doctor a wizard?” I ask myself in silence. I am with him to interview him, not to consult with him medically”. Where did he get that from?” I ask him, surprised … [Read more...]

Fitz AOL Fitness: Interviews Wiggles Frontman, Anthony Field As Anthony Demonstrates His Amazing Pull-up Bar Routine

October 17, 2007 Filmed Backstage During The 'Wiggles' Tour Interviewed By Fitz Koehler Chicago, IL USA Fitz Koehler from Fitzness International interviews Wiggles frontman, Anthony Field and Dr James Stoxen DC. Watch as Anthony demonstrates this amazing pull-up bar routine. Dr Stoxen taught Anthony this hanging bar routine in 2004 to do backstage to stay in shape while on the road. He explains how hanging from the bar is also a form of stretching using gravity. This loosens … [Read more...]

How Gregory was saved from Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Cervical Fusion Surgery (ACDF) in 3 days … [Read more...]

Call this doctor before Shoulder Replacement Surgery or Forearm Compartment Syndrome Fasciotomy … [Read more...]

SEVERE Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & SEVERE Forearm Compartment Syndrome pain free in 7 days each … [Read more...]

SEVERE Thoracic Outlet Syndrome… now pain free for 4 years – no surgery … [Read more...]

From SEVERE Thoracic Outlet Syndrome now PAIN-FREE in 3 days with no rib resection or scalenectomy … [Read more...]

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery left me in Severe Pain for 10 years! How I finally got relief! … [Read more...]


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